Friday, 1 July 2005

Kudos to

All those who have bought or are going to buy a t-shirt, (including you, right?).
All the people who came here (including you) following a link somewhere and took the extra time to publish a link on their site, weblog, whatever.
All the people on Flickr who have appreciated so much the designs. They started it all.
All the friends who I have pestered in the last days to publish a link to this site, particularly the guys and girls from the d-night design crew.
Armin Vit from SpeakUp (designers, stop working and go there, or vice versa).
Staff at Spreadshirt UK and Spreadshirt US. The difference between a company and a company-you-like is light as an email.
Nosemonkey, for support and advice.

And too many more to mention, including my coffee machine who has never let me down and I pray it never will.

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