Friday, 1 July 2005

About me

There's not much to say. I am a 30-something freelance graphic designer, and I live in a city in Italy where you have probably been (if you have been to Italy, of course). It has no sea, no Coliseum and no leaning tower. You guess it.

My "real" works are somehow better than the designs that are on this page. But they also take me much more time and cost a bit more money. If you are really curious, you can see some of them here.


The designs used on the t-shirts are an artistic interpretation derived from the London Underground "roundel" logo, originally designed by Edward Johnston back in 1916.

The original London Underground "roundel" logo is the sole property of Transport for London, which is not associated to, nor endorses this project in any way.

Kudos to

All those who have bought or are going to buy a t-shirt, (including you, right?).
All the people who came here (including you) following a link somewhere and took the extra time to publish a link on their site, weblog, whatever.
All the people on Flickr who have appreciated so much the designs. They started it all.
All the friends who I have pestered in the last days to publish a link to this site, particularly the guys and girls from the d-night design crew.
Armin Vit from SpeakUp (designers, stop working and go there, or vice versa).
Staff at Spreadshirt UK and Spreadshirt US. The difference between a company and a company-you-like is light as an email.
Nosemonkey, for support and advice.

And too many more to mention, including my coffee machine who has never let me down and I pray it never will.